JINKYS TWS-ES60 Earbuds Manual


  1. Two Earbuds (including 1 set of ear caps and ear hooks)
  2. Earcup
  3. Ear Hook
  4. Charging Case
  5. USB Charging Cable
  6. User Manual


Bluetooth version: 5.0

Valid Range: 10 meters

Noise cancellation: CVC 8.0

Music playtime: about 3.5 hours

Phone call time: about 3.5 hours

Standby time: about 80 hours

Charging case “charging” time: about 1 hour

Earphones charging time: about 1 hour

Charging box input: 5V/1A

Charging case battery capacity: 450mah

Earbud battery capacity: 50mah


  1. Choose a suitable earcup
  2. Put the earbud into your ear
  3. Rotate to a comfortable position
  4. Insert the ear hook into the ear

Remarks: Please press the earphones into the ear canal and make sure the ear hook is hung in the ear triangular fossa, so that the earbuds can fit perfectly on the ears.


a) If the right earbud flashes red and blue light in turn and left earbud flashes blue, it means that the two earphones have been paired.

b) If both earphones flash blue one time per 5 seconds, it means both earbuds have been connected with a mobile phone.

c) Flashing red light means low battery.


Auto power on: The two earbuds will power on automatically when you remove them from the charging case.

Manual power on: When without a charging case or the charging case is without power, press and hold the buttons of both earbuds for 2 seconds until the led indicator blue light is on.


Auto power off: The two earbuds will power off automatically after putting them into the charging box.

Manual power off: Press and hold either of the earbud’s buttons over 5 seconds until the red light is on. (When you are listening to music, please pause the music before turning if off to prevent damage.)


 For first time use, please put the two earbuds into the charging box for 2 seconds, then take the earbuds out. The left and right earbuds will auto power on and begin to pair. Wait for 5 seconds, then the right earbud’s indicator red and blue lights will flash alternately, while the left earbud will flash blue. Then turn on the Bluetooth capability of the phone, and search for a Bluetooth device named “TWS ES60” and select to connect.

After Bluetooth earbuds connect with the mobile phone successfully, every time it is taken out from the charging box, it will automatically connect with the last connected phone.


Answer call – Press either earbud’s button one time.

End call – Press either earbud’s button one time.

Redial last number – Press either earbud’s button twice.

Reject call – Press and hold either earbud’s button for 2 seconds, when there is an incoming call.

*When earbuds are in a call, the volume is adjusted by the phone.

*It is easier to adjust music volume using a volume button on your phone.


Pause Music – Press either earbuds button once.

Play Music – Press either earbuds button once.

Skip to Next Song – Press either earbuds button twice.

Skip to Previous Song – Press either earbuds button three times.

Activate/Stop Siri or Bixby or Google – Press and hold either earbuds button for 2 seconds.

Volume +  – Press and hold either earbud button. You will hear the sound of “tick, tick” the volume will increase until it reaches the maximum volume. Release when desired volume is reached.

Volume –  – When the maximum volume is reached, press and hold either earbuds, you will hear the sound of “tick, tick”, the volume will reduce.


  1. Put the two earphones into the charging box.
  2. The earbuds indicator light is red when it is charging.
  3. After fully charged, the earbud’s indicator lights change to blue and turn off when finished.


  1. Please charge the box with a DC 5V/1A output charger, such as a computer USB or other USB interface charger.
  2. After the box is fully charged, all four blue lights are lighting, now please disconnect the charging box.

***HINT: You can charge the box and the earbuds at the same time.


  1. Please keep away from Wi-Fi routers or other Bluetooth devices to avoid any signal interference.
  2. Please use the Bluetooth earbuds within valid distance. (10 meters with barrier-free environment)
  3. Do not open and refit the earbuds for any reason. In case of damage or burning, the manufacturer and distributor’s warranty is voided, and no compensation shall be awarded.
  4. Do not put the earbuds or charging case in a temperature below 0 degrees or above 45 degrees Celsius.
  5. Do not use the earbuds during a thunderstorm, which has a risk of electric shock or dangerously loud static sound.
  6. This product contains built-in lithium battery, do not expose under strong sunlight and don’t throw into a fire, in case of an explosion.


  1. Question: Earphones are not charging?  Please check the charging case if it has power or not. Clean the charging pin using dry paper or cloth. Use your finger to gently press the earbuds to ensure that it is attached to the charging box. The red light indicates the charging status of the earbuds.
  2. Question: Do earbuds work independently of each other?  The right and left earbuds can work separately, we call it single earbud mode. Take one earbud out of the charging box, search “TWS ES60” then connect with your phone. If you want to change to two earbuds mode, the other earbud needs to be disconnected from the phone first, then take out both earbuds from the charging box together, then pair and connect with your phone again.
  3. Question: Having trouble pairing both earphones at the same time? It means that you are in the single ear mode. We recommend disconnecting the earbuds from your phone’s Bluetooth connection, then place both earbuds back into the charging box for 2 seconds. Then take both earbuds out of the charging box, pair and connect with your phone’s Bluetooth connection again.
  4. Question: The earbuds were not speaking English when I paired it. How can I fix it? Disconnect the earbuds from your phone’s Bluetooth. Place back two earbuds into the charging box for 2 seconds, then only take the right earbud out of the charging box, and press the button twice rapidly to change the language.

Distributed by:  JINKYS INC.

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